My name is Jainish Shah. I'm a Software Development Engineer. I build modern, simple, responsive application. I am passionate about SAAS Solutions and Container Orchestration tools like DC/OS, Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift, Docker Swarm. I Have hands-on experience with CI/CD pipelines on cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure). Got a chance to contribution to the open source communities like puppet, homebrew, helm, mesosphere.

My work history has provided me a variety of business skills, which allow me to relate to all levels of management, to a variety of business positions, and work successfully with a diversity of personalities, customers, and end-users. As being part of Solution Development team in JFrog I am working on cutting edge technologies like Mesosphere DC/OS, K8S, Homebrew, CircleCI, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation to provide ways to deploy Artifactory.

My education has provided me with a variety of information systems knowledge and practical skills; primarily in software engineering, Java development, and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery, as well as network design, implementation, and administration, information systems security, SQL Server and NoSQL query development, and database management (RIAK, MongoDB, InfluxDB, MySQL). I also have proficient skills with website design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development (Angular.js, express.js, Node.js), as well as website administration.

My Education:


International Technological University, San Jose, CA, USA

Masters in Software Engineering


Gujarat Technological University, Bharuch, Gujarat, India

Bachelor in Computer Engineering


The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Baroda, Gujarat, India

Diploma in Computer Engineering

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My Work Experience




Rahi System

International Technological University


My Projects

It is a hub of Gujarati Cinemas. It is an idea to make a website which will be single source of information for all Gujarati Movies, Music, Natak, Upcoming movies.
A portal where gujjus can search for Hot things happening in dholiwood.
Where they can rate Dholiwood movies, provide their reviews.
A place where Gujjus can advertise for their business. It is a business thought came in mind of few gujju NRIs.

Multiplex Ticket Booking System

Multiplex Ticket Booking System is for employees of Cinema to provide their user a graphical interface to choose seats in theater by providing seating arrangement in visual form. This project was developed in Visual Basic.

Student Relationship Management System

It is a software solution which creates a bridge between Parents, Professors, and Students.
This product can be used by an educational institution to maintain records of students and manage activities of the Institute.
SRMS is built on ASP.NET platform using SQL server 2005 as backend.

Desktop As A Service

World Desk for Enterprise is a platform which provisions On-Demand Desktop delivery to users.
The project aims to build a platform which optimizes the Desktop life cycle management process, which includes creating, provisioning and managing the desktops.

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